Why You Need This Book

Increase your success in business and relationships

by gaining a better understanding of the importance of seating positions.

Learn the science of table shapes

Choosing the right table for the right event will now be a breeze.

Conference meetings 101

Understand the perspective of employees and co-workers and how their seating affects it.

Close sales by the time you sit down

Break past client barriers by creating an effective seating arrangement for all.

Captivate large audiences

Manipulate the layout of large theater rooms to take advantage of the learning funnel.

Arrange your private office for success

Learn where to place your desk and chairs and how to communicate your leadership style through them.

Master restaurant & home dining

Convert more casual meetings into your most productive meetings by taking charge of the seating chart.

Sit Your Way to Success is a must-read for any leader, trainer,

consultant, salesperson, and even host/hostess! While some of

this may be intuitive, especially for those of us who have been

around for a while, it's the nuances we don't know that could

significantly impact the outcome of a meeting or event. I'm

either going to memorize the book, or make sure I consult it

before every important sales meeting and presentation - or


–Dawn Shuler, CEO,

About the Author

LeAnn Pashina is a speaker trainer whose mission is to help people understand that communication is "all about how you say it". Moving from a career in Interior Design to sales, LeAnn realized that her success depended on one thing: the quality of her communication skills. It is now her passion to help others achieve their personal and professional goals by developing their own communication skills into ones that will produce greatness.

In addition to authoring this book, LeAnn is the founder of Creatively Communicate, Inc. She lives in Austin, Texas, and enjoys spending time with her family and her dog.